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These Durango Restaurants Will Do Anything!

Portapotty Human Stuffing Event

The more outlandish a Durango Restaurant can be, the better!

As one of many Durango restaurants participating in Snowdown, Gazpacho’s look forward to putting on our 12th Annual Outhouse Stuffing Event in 2013. Onlookers adorned in elaborate themed costumes, sometimes with extra appendages, tall hats and extra large footwear stand by as 2 veteran teams try to stuff as many people into an unused, thoroughly cleaned latrine just so they can prevail with the greatest number of people inside. Most Durango restaurants have a food or drink based event, but Gazpacho’s takes their event outside in the parking lot for a completely different perspective on the occasion.

Some Durango restaurants, such as the Carver’s Brewery, created the Beer Plunge, in order to fully steep their contestants in the Snowdown spirit. Other Durango restaurants stuff contestants in an all-you-can-eat contest such as the Cuckoos Hot Wing Eating Contest. Doughworks, one of the only places you can get freshly made doughnuts and bagels in Durango, sticks with what they know best – an all-you- can-eat doughnut contest. In only one minute the mayhem ends at the Highway 3 Roadhouse. Most Durango restaurants don’t give such a staunch time limit, but even with this constraint, 48 oysters managed to slide down the throat of the defending champion for yet another Snowdown win in 2012. Another Durango restaurant tantalizes the innocent 3 to 4 year-olds just to get them hooked early on by the Snowdown tradition. Cocina Linda’s puts on a scary, funniest or most imaginative cookie decorating contest. But the true adult gluttony lingers in the air, long after all the fun, at SKA Brewing Company’s Burp-Off Contest. The aftermath? Hangovers cures for cloudy parents complete with hypnotically looping G-Scale train for otherwise needy children, available only at Oscar’s Café every morning until 3 pm daily.

Which Durango Restaurant are you going to Geek Out at?

Snowdown, the original “Cabin Fever Reliever,” is a non-profit organization created to promote end-of winter fun and to create a surge of cash flow for all winter-tourist based businesses in the area, especially for Durango restaurants and bars. Snowdown is rated by Outside Magazine as one of the Top 5 Winter Festivals in the U.S., and if that’s not convincing enough to attend, consider why an estimated 7,000 people stood outside on a frigid February night to watch the Snowdown Electric Light Parade. It is never too early to prepare for the next year, even in the middle of the summer. So, for the rest of 2012, you can fantasize about how you can “Get Your Geek On” for the 2013 Snowdown theme stretching from January 30 to February 3, 2013.

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